What is Hoard

Hoard exists to help game developers easily integrate blockchain technology into their games.

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Gaming assets have real value

Digital gaming is now the world’s largest entertainment industry catering to 1 in 3 people. Digital assets comprise 78% of revenue generated by the entire industry, however, players typically do not enjoy real ownership rights.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology offers a new way forward for games, where players are the actual owners of their assets, as enforced by modern cryptography and easily swappable, blockchain-based tokens.

Why blockchain in gaming?

Benefits to game developers

Bypass traditional funding models and raise funds to develop your game from hundreds or even thousands of individuals by offering them real value, for example rare in-game items.

Take advantage of all off-the-shelf developers’ tools offered by the Hoard platform.

If HRD tokens are not sufficiently flexible for your desired business model, come up with your own innovative token designs. Tweak existing ownership models, offer token holders access to unique items and features, or even get them engaged in decisions regarding future development of your game.

The token distribution represents a new kind of incentivized community which you can activate and engage in all kinds of new ways.


Make profits not only from primary, but also from secondary-market transactions as well as every rental of your game’s assets.

Introduce new content to existing games to extend their economic viability.


Create ecosystems of fans who not only love your game, but also hold the token and thus have a stake in your game’s potential success, resulting in an unprecedented level of engagement.

Enjoy network effects by launching multiple games and platforms with interdependent features and take advantage of synergies with other titles on the Hoard platform.

Access Hoard’s platform-wide marketing and advertising tools or come up with your own methods of doing business, baked right into your token design. Engage in supportive activities (e.g. web minigames) which enable gamers to acquire items, create charity campaigns (“mining gold for good”), etc.


Benefits to gamers

Your ownership is real, unconstrained, and does not need to be shared with anyone, nor does it rely on the actions and decisions of others.

Your ownership is secure due to the application of cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

Your ownership is flexible: you may for example rent out your digital items whenever you do not need them.

Your ownership can be lucrative, as the market value of tokens reflects the success of a particular game (in the case of game tokens issued in connection with an ICO using the Hoard Crowdfunding Portal) or the entire Hoard platform (in the case of HRD).


You can access a single tool to view, manage, and trade all your digital assets from different games (a proverbial “one-stop shop”)

Items from one game can be exchanged for items from another game. This can be done either permanently, or temporarily; usage can be independent of ownership.

Trade in virtual items and the resulting transfer of ownership is secure, predictable, and at no stage requires the involvement of a third party.


Digital assets accumulated in one game are secure, and can be exchanged to virtual goods from another game, or liquidated into “real money.”

Renting out of assets gives additional revenue—and you can be sure that your items will securely and automatically return once the rental period is over.

The possible ways of earning money are unlimited, thanks to the innovative designs of games backed by their own tokens and the open and decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, and the Hoard platform



Making it possible for people to trade virtual goods and services, and monetizing secondary markets by facilitating game developers with a trusted platform is a true game-changer.

Jun Hasegawa, CEO / founder


Interesting opportunity

Hoard provides an interesting opportunity to raise funds for game development and bringing game developers closer to the actual communities.

Hakan Abrak, CEO

IO Interactive

Investors & partners



Hoard your tokens - Hoard your valuables

Game items

From weapons to quests, levels and more, everything can be tokenized and represented on the blockchain.


Sell your extra licences, buy them as gifts or trade.


Game money is now a cryptocurrency, that gives you real value

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Currently, the vast majority of money spent on games is on virtual items or downloadable content (DLC). In 2017, it was 78% of total gaming revenue - approximately $80 billion. This doesn’t even include the virtual content that is acquired via gameplay, like when players defeat enemies, loot an opponent or simply complete tasks that enable them to ‘earn’ items.

The current situation is that gamers do not truly own the content that they have purchased. They cannot trade them, sell them or even gift them to other people. In fact, these items are completely in control of game companies or distribution platforms, who can choose to revoke usage rights at any time, often without recourse.

Game owners face their own set of problems related to centralized models of video games economies; fraud being one of them. It is estimated that for every legitimate game item sold and downloaded, there are 7.5 virtual items lost to fraud. Additional, lack of mechanisms to monetize secondary markets of game items causes massive revenue-leakage for game owners.

A new crowdfunding model for game financing

The Kickstarter model has served indie game development well, but it has also been a great headache. Game developers must offer rewards as incentives for backing projects, which are almost always irrelevant distractions from actually making the game.

With Hoard, that is no longer a problem: Developers can now sell tradeable tokens to fans before the game is ready. No need for irrelevant trinkets anymore, give the gamers what they care about: the in-game items and goods themselves!

The team

Experienced manager, leader, and team builder with roles since 1995 ranging from lead artist, to project manager, to director of development at QLOC with more than 100 developers and artists under his remit.

Sławomir specializes in Asian and US markets as a production process optimization expert with renowned time wrapping abilities.

Sławomir Bubel


Lead programmer of one of the first major MMORPGs, Anarchy Online, technical producer of the Hitman series (3-5) and Mini Ninjas, and technology director at IO Interactive.

Martin is a gaming industry veteran with 18+ years of experience under his belt and roots in the C64 & Amiga demoscene. In his spare time, Martin aspires to be a farmer and promotes Ethereum as a showcase of how to utterly change the course of humanity.

Martin Amor

Special Advisor, founder

Wendell is a tech entrepreneur with a background in game development. He has been in the blockchain space from very early on and has been involved in some of the most known projects like: Ethereum, Golem, Cosmos, OmiseGo and Streamr.

Wendell Davis

Product design, co-founder

Experienced programmer who has ported and optimized engines such as Unreal Engine 3/4, RED Engine, and MT Framework, as well as many homebrew engines.

Cyryl was critical to titles such as The Witcher 2, DMC: Definitive edition, Remember Me, and Mortal Kombat X, across most of the major game platforms: PS2, PS3, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course PC.

Cyryl Matuszewski

Lead programmer

Radek is an experienced software engineer with more than a decade of programming experience and deep involvement in projects related to computer graphics processing

Radek was co-founder of the Golem idea and worked as Development section manager at Imapp

Radosław Zagórowicz


Senior programmer with more then 10 years experience in porting games to PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, XBox One and Switch platform.

Marek prior experience comes from working in CD Project Red and QLOC, involved in porting titles such as The Witcher 2, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 6, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Marek Siemieniuk


Daria is programmer with expertise in developing and optimizing rendering engines. She applied these skills to previous roles at imapp and Polish game company, QLOC, where she was involved in porting titles such as Injustice 2 and GetEven. She has also previously worked on facial motion capture software for Platige Image.

Prior to this, she gained experience with blockchain technology at OmiseGO where she was prototyping a payments platform.

She’s excited to work on Hoard because she believes that it is a great real-life use-case of blockchain technology.

Daria Kurpiewska


Rafał has been working in video game development for more than 15 years, specializing in optimizing games and rewriting rendering engines. He has worked on many games including Injustice 2, Gears of War and Mortal Combat X and has a strong technical background in PC, PlayStation and Xbox game engines.

The most exciting thing to him about Hoard is the possibility that many people will be using to create games.

Rafał Wydra


Michał is an experienced backend developer and a self-proclaimed big data wrangler. He’s excited to introduce blockchain technology into video games as he believes it is one of the best ways to manage the huge amount of data that games generate.

When not geeking out on functional programming and secretly building games from ASCII characters, he is probably drinking a glass of yerba mate whilst mountain biking to his next scuba diving adventure.

Michał Majchrzak


Systems architect and full Microsoft stack developer. Gained experience in software development and honed an awareness of macroeconomics working in the financial industry sector.

Kuba has been fascinated with Ethereum and the possible social transformations that can happen as a result of such decentralised tech.

Kuba Lesisz

Programmer, co-founder

Bartek is an experienced programmer and game designer who previously worked as lead programmer for game development company, Juggler Games. He believes that integrating blockchain technology into video games present a whole new world of opportunities and challenges and is excited to work with our partners on designing such games.

He is inspired by all aspects of real-life and human interactions and draws observations from this to inform his design of game economies and mechanics. He believes that execution, persistence and the ability to take criticism is key to being a successful game designer.

Bartłomiej Ochnio

Game designer

Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen is co-founder of HEJM Law and has many years of experience as legal advisor in transactions concerning corporate law, investments and acquisitions. Mikkel is former external university lecturer in corporate law.

Mikkel is involved in a wide range of companies and start-ups as advisor and board member with primary focus on tech companies.

Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen


Adora is an experienced marketing and communications manager who has spent the past 5 years helping early stage startups grow and engage their communities.

An idealist at heart, she is passionate about decentralised technologies as a democratising force on society.

Adora Goh

Communications / Community manager

An MBA-educated and seasoned startup veteran, Marta brings more than 16 years of real-world business experience in HR, administration, and operations to help drive and shape the digital economies of the future.

A recent convert to the transformative forces of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Marta is passionate about innovation and the power of new technologies to change and democratize the world of business.

Marta Byrne


Chris has driven communications and community management in both the startup world and as the head of communications for global operations at a Fortune 500, based in Seattle.

He has been involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2012 and actively participates in events, speaking and educating groups on the importance, value and opportunities afforded by decentralization.

Christopher Robison

Community Manager


Steffen Toksvig is VP of Engineering, Spotlight at Unity technologies, the platform that powers as much as 40% of games coming out today.

Steffens background is highly technical from working on tools, 3D graphics technology and game engines to holding executive positions such as CTO at IO Interactive and different VP roles at Unity.

Steffen Toksvig

VP of Engineering / Spotlight, Unity Technologies

Julian is an economist by trade, fascinated with blockchain technology, as well as sociology and the economics of decentralised systems. In the past, Julian served as a consultant and researcher of public policies with a background in public economics, the framing of which he finds very useful for understanding decentralised systems.

Julian Zawistowski

CEO / co-founder, Golem

Piotr designed and developed first Golem POC and helped with the design of the high level architecture of the Golem platform as well as the Golem crowdfunding contract.

Prior to Golem Piotr was designer and lead developer of Black Vision, a real-time rendering engine for TV broadcasting and implemented the fastest (at the time) software jpeg2000 codec for DCP.

Interested in computer graphics, digital signal processing, cryptography, compilers, virtualization, blockchain tech, parallel computing, distributed computing, trustless computing and optimization techniques.

Piotr Janiuk

CTO / co-founder, Golem

Jeremy Petreman is a veteran designer who has worked in the gaming industry for over 17 years, leading various aspects of many AAA productions.

He has been passionately involved as Game Director on Mini Ninjas (Square Enix), Associate Game Director on Gameglobe (Square Enix), Lead Level Designer on Freedom Fighters (IO Interactive), as well as art and design roles on Hitman 2, Hitman Contracts and Kane & Lynch.

Most recently, Jeremy has been part of the core team at Playdead, designing the environments and story for the award winning title, INSIDE.

Jeremy Petreman

Senior artist / designer, Playdead

Janos Flösser is a veteran in the film, televison and video game industry. He has more than 20 years of experience designing and producing AAA games for the global markets.

He is original founder and Managing Director of Io Interactive, Chief Creative Officer of Square Enix Europe, and latest Senior Partner at Promentum Equity Partners, a Copenhagen based technology fund investing in 21st century technology companies at the TIME sector. (Technology/Internet/Media/Entertainment)

Janos Flösser

Senior partner, Promentum Equity

Vansa has led dynamic teams of engineers, economists and social scientists to deliver bottom line results in global organizations. Vansa has extensive experience in South and East Asia emerging markets including Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, the Maldives, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Pakistan and Vietnam. In her former role at the World Bank Group, she led teams to roll out international development programs worth over US $1 billion, in areas such as finance inclusion, infrastructure investments, and environmental and social development.

Currently, Vansa serves as an advisor to Loxley Public Company Ltd., and Sky Visual Imaging Venture. At OmiseGO, she is responsible for ensuring efficient project delivery, establishment and realization of the long-term business strategy, business development and partnerships.

Vansa Chatikavanij

Managing Director, OmiseGO

Games industry veteran with 20 years experience in Executive Management, Creative & Design Direction, Leadership and Production across AAA, mobile & Creative in general.

Worked at IO Interactive, Realtime Worlds, Crytek and DICE and involved in games like Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, Battlefront, Warface, Crysis and Hitman.

Rasmus Højengaard

Chief Design Officer, DICE & Brain+

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